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About us

Our Story

Crown Peak Industries is a full service birth tissue bank and state of-the-art, high capacity Class 100 (ISO Level 5) facility that develops and manufactures novel and innovative allografts for therapies that enhance the quality of life for recipients, while honoring the gift of tissue donation. 


Our Birth Donor Program can accommodate the growing number of expectant mothers who want to donate their amniotic tissue, which is otherwise discarded as biological waste, for research and the development of medical products that change lives.  Participating hospitals raise awareness of the importance of tissue donation and are recognized for supporting cutting edge medical technologies and research.  

Donation Uses

Birth tissue donation may be used for transplant and/or research purposes. 

Transplant: Donations are manufactured to produce tissue allografts.  These allografts are then transplanted into patients who have undergone surgery or have some type of soft tissue injury, wound or trauma.


Research: Donations are used to discover groundbreaking new therapies in the life sciences.

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